(English) AOPA Finland Fighting to Preserve Helsinki-Malmi Airport

The newly completed Helsinki city master plan draft shows how Helsinki can grow by 250,000 new residents by 2050. The city master plan draft proposes new construction especially for the Malmi Airport area, for rail transport hubs and for the vicinity of major transport stations.

Helsinki-Malmi Airport is, by flight operations, the second busiest airport in Finland and one of the best preserved civil airports from the early days of commercial aviation. It is threatened by ambitions to turn the airport into a residential area.

Malmi Airport offers the greater Helsinki area of more than a million people an international airport for GA, an active recreation and hobby oasis, a venue for public aviation events and a chance to get educated into aviation professions. The historically valuable milieu also serves with distinction the Border Guard, the Rescue Department, the Air Force and the Police. In addition, the airport is a spacious nature and bird oasis in northeastern Helsinki.

Helsinki City is clearly playing against the odds because several studies and research reports predict that growth of GA will be enormous in a near future. For this reason, it is essential to save EFHF to help the Finnish economy to survive back to the fast track through this economical downturn. Degregrading public transport and deteriorating main roads and highways cannot serve the economy, businesses and services to support them fast enough from Helsinki to other parts of the arctic country of Finland.

Europa Nostra Finland has chosen the Helsinki-Malmi Airport Finland to be candidate for inclusion on “The 7 Most Endangered List” as the most endangered cultural heritage site of Finland. Helsinki-Malmi airport is under housing development plans by Helsinki City.

The Europa Nostra sites included in the list of “7 Most Endangered” will then be visited and assessed by the experts of the European Investment Bank, and possibly also of the Council of Europe Development Bank or of other associated partners, assisted by the Europa Nostra project team and by Europa Nostra member and associate organisations or country representations who have made the nominations of the selected sites.

”The Helsinki-Malmi airport is the milieu as a whole one of the world’s best preserved pre-war period international airports. It is also the center of Finland’s general aviation and the only free schedule international airport on the radius of 150 kilometers from the capital of Finland. Cultural milieu is threatened by the City of Helsinki housing plans to build a suburb of 25 000 inhabitants during the next decade ”, says the Friends of Malmi Airport behind the initiative for nomination.

AOPA Finland has been campaining, among other parties, against the new master plan. The latest action was a statement to Helsinki City against the plan regarding Helsinki-Malmi airport area.