Suomenkielinen EasyVFR 4.0 -versio on julkaistu!

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Hyvää Joulua ja Turvallista Uutta Vuotta 2020! – God Jul och Gott Nytt År 2020!

Ilmailun säädösinfo 11.12.2019

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Suomen Moottorilentäjien Liitto onnittelee 100-vuotiasta Suomen Ilmailuliittoa

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Polttoaineen 100LL käytöstä poistaminen – EFKE ja EFKT

Please see AIP AIRAC AMDT 07/2019, WEF 07 NOV 2019, SUOMI / FINLAND

EASA Annual Safety Conference Helsingissä 4.-5.11.2019

This year’s EASA Annual Safety Conference will took place on the 4th and 5th of November 2019 in Helsinki. For the first time, it will focus on operational safety in the context of commercial air transport.

The Conference was jointly organised by the Finnish Aviation authority Traficom and EASA in the context of the Finnish Presidency of the Council of the EU.

Presentations and pictures from the conference are available under event proceedings of the conference on the EASA website.

Videos of the discussions will be made available on the EASA YouTube page in the coming days. In addition a press release has also been published.

The conference took place in Helsinki on Monday November 4 and Tuesday November 5.

AOPA Finland was represented during both days and very important discussions, conversations and interactions took place with other international as well as domestic stakeholders.

Lausuntopyyntö luonnoksesta hallituksen esitykseksi eduskunnalle EU:n EASA-asetusta täydentäväksi lainsäädännöksi

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EasyVFR 4 -sovelluksen Beta-julkaisu ladattavana testikäyttäjille!

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IAOPA/GAMA/EBAA-kyselytutkimuksen tulokset Euroopan harraste- ja yleisilmailusta

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Liity AOPA-oppilasjäseneksi – Flight Training -lehti 6 kuukautta ilmaiseksi!


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