Sheehan: “AOPA-yhdistykset ovat aikuistuneet”

Looking back on 15 years as secretary general of the International Council of Aircraft Owner and Pilot Associations, John Sheehan stands in admiration at how much ground its 69 countries’ pilot organizations have covered over time.


“They are coming of age around the world,” he said. Consider Europe. Its 27 aircraft owner and pilot associations “used to be bystanders in the regulatory process. They had no credibility, no representation. They just took what they got.” Not anymore. “They have become a real powerhouse in determining their own destinies,”

Sunny Nights Fly-In 2012 tapahtuman aikataulu on varmistunut

Sunny Nights Fly-In 2012 will be held during 28th of June – 1st of July 2012 (Thursday-Sunday) at Pudasjärvi airfield (EFPU).

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EASA:n vastaus yleisilmailusta ja lainsäädäntötyöstä

The EASA Management Board members agreed that a different rulemaking approach is required for GA. The members recognised the importance of a vibrant GA activity in the context of economic sustainability, as reflected in the European Parliament Resolution. There was a recognition that this sustainability applies not only to pilots and aircraft owners, but also to the many small enterprises across Europe that rely upon GA for their economic existence.

Sunny Nights Fly-In 2012


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