(English) Which sources do you consult to get today’s latest airspace activation for your planned flight?

Dear beta testers,

Since our last newsletter, a lot has happened in the world. We hope that you are healthy and weren’t overly affected by the steps taken by almost all countries in the world to fight COVID-19.
Now that most European countries, albeit with a few restrictions, do allow GA flying again, we hope that you’ve had the opportunity to get back in the air, or will be able to do so soon.


  • Radio, paper documents, some websites, an app?
  • How to combine all these sources in a simple flight plan?

The EasyVFR headquarters are at Lelystad Airport (EHLE) in the Netherlands, which is one of the busiest GA airfields here. Since a week or two, we are back at the office after having worked from home for fifteen weeks. It’s a joy and a true inspiration to be back here, being able to work in the same hanger as colleagues, being surrounded by roaring engines from all kinds of aircraft and a thriving aviation community.

During the lockdown, we were forced to evaluate the release and development roadmap for EasyVFR 4. The saying Never waste a good crisis to us meant that we took the opportunity to spend full-time work on a, for the European VFR communities unique, idea. Today we are thrilled to share with you, as one the first EasyVFR 4 users, our exciting news – before everyone else.

In this newsletter, we’ll cover what’s new in today’s released EasyVFR version 4.0.765, our public beta and the EASA GA Safety Award 2020 of which EasyVFR 4 was the second place winner of! Plus of course more about this exciting new feature that you will get your hands on soon!

Enjoy reading and we’ll hope that you are as excited about this new version as were are.


The EasyVFR 4 team