Tiedosta toimenpiteisiin -projekti

In 2013, Trafi expressed a desire to launch a research project to develop methods supporting a risk-guided modus operandi. This implies maximizing the positive safety impact without ignoring other important strategic values, such as environmental sustainability and reliability of the transport system. The challenge was to develop a methodology which would make all risks from all modes of transport comparable – and a related process which helps find suitable actions to address various types of safety issues. The ‘Tiedosta toimenpiteisiin’ (‘from data to action’) project was launched in March 2013 to create the methodology.
The main deliverable of this 2 years long project is the overall process enabling risk-guided steering of all agency functions. The process and the various methods supporting it are based on a modern understanding of risk management in complex adaptive systems. The resulting proascess is currently unique in the world. This report outlines the developed process and the related risk assessment and decision making methods. Trafi hopes that these developments will be beneficial to many organizations dealing with transport risks around the world. In addition to this report in Finnish, There will gradually be other publications available in English.
Link to Trafi’s project summary document.