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UK CAA:n tiedote ajankohtaisesta EASA-määräysvalmistelusta

This Information Notice provides highlights of EASA developments and CAA activities covering the period 20 December 2013 to 20 February 2014. The EASA Committee met on 29-30 January. The agenda covered the following substantive items; 1. EASA Opinion 6/2012 (except Part-T) amending Commission Regulations (EC) No 2042/2003 and No 965/2012, and aligning Commission Regulation (EC) …

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Lausuntopyyntö ilmailumääräyksen OPS M1-23 muuttamisesta

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Memorial Rally Flight Hans Gutmann

North Cape – White Nights of St. Petersburg Every year, pilots from all over Europe fly together, across borders, to countries all over Europe. Flying that way, they pay tribute to Hans Gutmann, the renowned Austrian airman, who organized so many long-range trips. See attachment for details and more information.

NPA-2014-04 Tekninen kirjanpito – muutosehdotus

Please note that NPA-2014-04 “Technical records” is now open for consultation on EASA website. To place open for comments please logon here. For further information please contact Rulemaking Process Support at RPS(a)easa.europa.eu