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EASA lightens up on certificate conversions

 EASA lightens up on certificate conversions By Thomas A. Horne But there has been much confusion. The new rules have been understood in many different ways—many of them incorrect—and rumors abound. In an effort to clear the air, so to speak, EASA called a press conference that sounded a conciliatory tone. Entitled “Better Regulations for …

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AOPA Finland

Suomen Moottorilentäjien Liitto – AOPA Finland, was founded in November 2011 to promote, serve and represent Finnish General Aviation community. General aviation today continues to face complex issues that could impact its activity.  AOPA represents and promotes members interests to the Government, The Finnish Transport Safety Agency (Trafi), European Aviation Safety Authority (EASA), EU Commission, …

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Sheehan: World AOPAs ‘coming of age’

Looking back on 15 years as secretary general of the International Council of Aircraft Owner and Pilot Associations, John Sheehan stands in admiration at how much ground its 69 countries’ pilot organizations have covered over time.   “They are coming of age around the world,” he said. Consider Europe. Its 27 aircraft owner and pilot …

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GEN M1-9