AOPA CH aircrafts at EFOU on Tuesday in the dusk.


Some of AOPA CH group’s aircrafts, seven actually, arrived already on Sunday to EFMA, the rest of the aircrafts on the route in Sweden. They are expected to arrive by the evening.  The eight landed while writing this.

AOPA CH visits Finland 27 August to 1 September, 2012

AOPA CH visits Finland 27 August to 1 September, 2012


Suomen Moottorilentäjien Liitto, AOPA FINLAND, hosts the Swiss pilots sister organization, AOPA CH’s, flight tour to Finland on 27.8. – 01.09.2012. The group of Swiss aviators learn about the Finnish culture, tradition and nature – particularly in Lapland, as well as Finnish cuisine in the following towns; Mariehamn, Oulu, Ivalo and Kuopio. Four locations are arranged in exploring the various attractions aviation-themed addition, sites have a range of programs and sightseeing, as well as cooperation and interaction with the Finnish aviators. AOPA Switzerland comes to Finland along with 18 small aircraft and 49 of the members, flying transitions from one location to another. The group will arrive from Switzerland to Åland, Mariehamn airport on Monday, 27.8. continuing the next day towards Oulu. From there, the delegation will continue on Wednesday at Ivalo, which is the program for two days. On Friday, the aviators arrive in Kuopio, which will start the return journey towards Switzerland on Saturday 09/01/2012.

We invite all aviators, especially in the Åland Islands, Oulu, Kuopio region Ivalo and aviation enthusiasts and aviation stakeholders to greet the pilots and AOPA Switzerland to welcome them to Finland. To explore, debate and exchange of experience is the best chance at airports at the following times – the weather caused delays are possible;

27.8. Mariehamn Airport Restaurant at 14-16

28.8. Oulu Airport Hello Cafe at 12-14

29.8. Ivalo airport restaurant at 11-13

31.8. Kuopio Airport Hello Cafe at 12:30 – 14:30

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