Lento-oppilaille vuodeksi ilmainen EasyVFR4 -lisenssi!

Free EasyVFR for students and 2022 promises

Viime vuonna lentokoulutuksen aloittaneille ja/tai ensimmäisen yksinlentonsa suorittaneille jälleen EasyVFR4 – lisenssi ilmaiseksi rekisteröitymällä ao. ohjeen mukaan. 

Dear Aviator,

Thank you for a great first year of EasyVFR 4! It is an honor to serve fellow VFR pilots in so many regions and languages. We’re doing our part to make flight preparation and navigation every day a bit more effortless and more fun. Giving airspace users peace of mind on their adventures.

Share a free year EasyVFR with students in your community

In 2021, I got the chance to re-live the First Solo feeling on a gorgeous yellow Piper Super Cub 😍. For eightteen years I have been flying gliders, cross-country, in competitions and sharing knowledge as an instructor. Last year I set myself the challenge to relearn flying by starting PPL lessons on a taildragger. It is truly inspiring to be a student once again.

When you start flying, learning to understand airspaces and finding your way to all essential data can be overwhelming. We want to help everyone new to the aviation community by having easy access to the essential information. That is where our First Solo and Flight School offer comes in!

We invite you to offer a free year EasyVFR to anyone who started flying in 2021 or got their First Solo flight. They can sign-up for the offer at easyvfr4.aero/flightschool.

2022 will become Essential

We hope that 2021 was a fine and healthy year for you, your friends, family, and good for flying. Making adventures is a big reason why we all are hooked to flying. We hope that 2022 will serve you even better, and will do anything we can to help you with that.

For this reason, EasyVFR has exiting news and tools in the making for everyone who operates under VFR in EASA-land.

Indeed, this sentence does not give away much. But we promise, everyone, even non-EasyVFR users, will benefit from what’s coming. Stay tuned for the newsletters at the end of Q1, early Q2 this year. The first efforts will become visible via a regular series of EasyVFR beta releases, planned to be pushed to the app stores during spring.

Thank you for being with us, and stay tuned for more updates.

Cheers on behalf of the EasyVFR Team,


Early access to new features via the Beta channel

Constantly we are working on exciting new features and improvements that first will be published via a beta release. If you want to be one of the first to try them out, you too can become a tester! Within the EasyVFR 4 app go to ”My EasyVFR” and select the option ”Participate as a beta tester” and off you go! All beta and public updates are published at the forum including release notes and documentation. See easyvfr4.aero/community/beta

For more EasyVFR 4 news, sneak peeks to upcoming updates and stories, follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Looking forward to hearing from you! 😎

Any questions or suggestions?

We are available all days of the week via Facebook, Instagram, our Forum, and per email. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask them! We here at EasyVFR are all pilots and very happy and eager to help a fellow aviator! You can reply to this email or contact us via your preferred social network.

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  2. […] Lento-oppilaille ja nyt myös FI:lle vuodeksi ilmainen EasyVFR4 -lisenssi! […]

  3. […] Lento-oppilaille ja nyt myös FI:lle vuodeksi ilmainen EasyVFR4 -lisenssi! […]

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