Kysely APV-lähestymismenetelmästä

 GA survey on APV (SBAS) approaches


Good day all,

Following on from the IAOPA EUR regional meeting in London, we agreed to distribute a survey from the European GNSS Agency (GSA) looking at the appetite, priorities and constraints for deployment of APV approaches in Europe (using EGNOS, similar to the WAAS approaches in the USA). It is being coordinated by the UK consultancy firm Helios. In particular, the aim of this survey is to investigate the interest of individual pilots and GA organisations for deployment of the new procedures in their local aerodromes, by finding out more about their operations and the perception of the benefits and costs. This will be used to prioritise future deployment.

The online link to the survey, and more information, is at

Many thanks to all for your assistance in disseminating this.

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Ben Stanley