EasyVFR 3.93 now available

Just another day in the PocketFMS office:
“Hi Erik, can you help me with the release notes for the next update?”
“Sure! Tell me what’s new!”
“Well, we completely overhauled the flight information display. Users can now fully customize the kind and position of information that is displayed.
It will take the users some time to set up at first, but now every user can have the exact lay out that he or she wants.”
“What if they don’t want to spend time or effort?”
“We have included a great default setup that will work for most users.”
“OK, that sounds great. What else is new?
“We have immensely improved the sharing options for many of our users. iOS users can now use the standard iOS sharing methods to share FlightPlans, TripKits and stuff. And Windows-users can export FlightPlans directly to Garmin devices that are connected through USB and serial ports.”
“That’s it?”
“Well, of course there are many fixes and optimizations that will guarantee a smooth experience but don’t show up front. Is this enough info for you to make the release notes?”