(English) AOPA Finland

Suomen Moottorilentäjien Liitto – AOPA Finland, was founded in November 2011 to promote, serve and represent Finnish General Aviation community. General aviation today continues to face complex issues that could impact its activity.

 AOPA represents and promotes members interests to the Government, The Finnish Transport Safety Agency (Trafi), European Aviation Safety Authority (EASA), EU Commission, Eurocontrol and Finavia.

IAOPA Europe speaks for all European AOPA’s. Its voice is strong and its views are respected. AOPA transcends sectorial interests to speak for the whole of GA. No other Finland GA Organisation has this level of access.

Effective lobbying is very expensive, and becoming increasingly so. Current membership fees, both Individual and Corporate, go a long way to meeting these costs, but we are fighting against the current rising costs and increasing regulatory change proposals that have to be covered from the earliest proposal to the final implementation and review.

It would be a shame if we had to “ration” our limited resources and fail to effectively consider and respond to change, missing a vital change that is wormed in at a late stage in consultation.

Your membership of AOPA Finland will help us to keep working to:

  • Protect your pilot privileges
  • Preserve your freedom to fly
  • Combat increases in your costs
  • Remove unnecessary regulations and restrictions
  • Improve aviation safety
  • Protect aerodromes
  • Fight for your rights
  • Improve General Aviation’s image and awareness
  • Make our members better pilots

AOPA’s work benefits ALL of GA regardless of whether or not you are a member. There are over 7 900 civil pilot license holders in Finland, yet there is only a core of them as AOPA Finland members. By joining, you will help AOPA support GA. Additionally, AOPA Finland is solely run by volunteers who give their time freely to benefit all of us.

AOPA Finland is neither Goverment subsidised nor dependant organisation, membership fees and donations are our only income, which will be used as efficiently as possible to benefit all members.

Being a member of US AOPA and receiving their magazine “AOPA Pilot” does not make you a member of AOPA Finland. Your AOPA US membership cannot help you with Finnish and European issues or provide you with any of the services.

Facts about General Aviation in Finland

 At the end of 2011, there were following resources in Finnish General Aviation;

  • 7 900 licensed civil pilots
  • 2 100 licensed instrument-rated pilots
  • 700 active general aviation/aerial work aircrafts
  • 330 microlight or ultralight aircrafts
  • 10 very light aircraft or light sport aircrafts