Uusi päivitys EasyVFR-ilmailusovelluksesta on julkaistu

Here at the PocketFMS Foundation we’re proud to announce the latest release of the EasyVFR software, version 3.81.0. This version contains many improvements that were requested by our users over the recent months! The list of improvements is too lengthy to quote here in total, but let’s highlight a few items:

  • Flight planning: NOTAMs have never been easier! One of the new features that will save you a tremendous amount of time during flight preparation is our new NOTAM briefing. EasyVFR’s NOTAM briefing system was already the best in the industry, and it has become even better! New features include:
    • Clearer depiction on the map, now with a descriptive text.
    • Interactively classify the relevance of any NOTAM by tapping on the map.
    • Automatic filtering of NOTAMs below a certain altitude. We got nuts from all those Drone and Obstacle NOTAMs flying up to 400ft and felt we had to do something about that!
    • Automatic filtering of NOTAMs on obstacle lights – ever flown in Germany Wink.?Notam
  • In Flight: worry less about navigation.
    • Optimize your view ahead: EasyVFR will auto-adjust the viewable map area in such a way that your view ahead is most optimized. Why keep your plane always in the center of the screen while there’s so much more to be seen?ViewAhead
    • Course Finder. CourseFinder in flight mode: As soon as you pan your plane off the map, a CourseFinder will popup and show your direction and distance to the target. A tap on the CourseFinder will automatically put your current plane position back in view.CourseFinder
    • Never miss a turning point again! EasyVFR’s improved flight plan depiction provides you with crisp and clear information about all the important turning points in your flight plan. KPiste
  • Tips & Tricks: familiarize yourself with EasyVFR. EasyVFR tips on Facebook.
    • The last months we have posted a series of tips & tricks, features and fun facts on Facebook. This is a great way of learning about what you can do with EasyVFR, and we suggest you visit our Facebook page to enjoy this.
    • For in-depth questions and discussions we operate our user forum 24/7. Our Beta Crew members are eagerly awaiting your suggestions; we strive to constantly improve EasyVFR to your benefits! You can visit our forum at www.pocketfms.com/forum.
  • We’re open for Trials!
    • Interested? Just send us an email at info(a)pocketfms.com and we will grant you a 30 days version of EasyVFR to try any combination of Apple iOS, Google Android, Apple Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows Desktop and Microsoft Windows Phone (beta).