EASA käynnisti yleis- ja harrasteilmailua koskevan tutkimuksen

easa_logo_smallIn January 2015, the Directorate-General for Transport and Mobility of the European Commission (DG MOVE) commissioned the consultants COWI and Integra to study GA operations in Europe in order to better understand the current state of play of GA and promote GA activities. This study is aligned with the GA roadmap initiated by EASA. Attached are the letters introducing this project.

In order to understand this sector of aviation, a data collection is initiated through an on-line survey. The objective is to reach as much as possible individual end-users with the support of the European and national associations, aero clubs and any organisations dealing with GA.  We expect that you will forward this survey to your members and possibly to other national associations or organisations we didn’t identified but could provide as well valuable data related to GA operations.

Please follow this link to access to the survey. The survey ends on 20th of September 2015.