The latest version of EasyVFR version 3.60.2 is released

The latest version of EasyVFR, version 3.60.2 was released on 9th of April. This version has some major new features and is the next step in our ever continuing innovation process! Please allow us to name just a few of this release’s highlights:

– New menu system for quick access and rough air operations.

We reworked our menu system and replaced it with a combination of icons and text. The result is a fast and responsive control center which makes it a breeze to quickly command EasyVFR, even in rough air and high workload situations.


– Significant performance improvement

We managed to speed up the map rendering significantly, resulting in a very noticeable performance improvement.

– German Traffic Circuits

EasyVFR now supports the use of the OpenAir based German Traffic Circuits definitions. Fly ’em now as they were meant to be flown!GermanTrafficCircuit

Please feel very welcome to drop us a visit at the Aero next week – hall A6, booth 015, and fly safe y’all!

Marcel, Ron, Colm, Stu, Bob, Dave, Tobias, Michel, Johan and Rob.

Interested in EasyVFR? Please visit the EasyVFR page!