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Kolmansien maiden ilmailulupakirjojen siirtymäaika – Cover Regulation (1178/2011 and 290/2012)

AOPA Finland asked Trafi last week whether it intends to file an opt-out to EASA by 8th of April 2014 for a transitional period of licenses relating to third countries with regard to Cover Regulation, 1178/2011 and 290/2012, Article 8 Acceptance of 3rd country licenses. As the deadline approached without any feedback from Trafi by …

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Kuulemistilaisuus Pohjois-Euroopan toiminnallisen ilmatilalohkon käyttäjille ja sidosryhmille

The NEFAB NSA Committee arranged a NEFAB wide consultation meeting for NEFAB airspace users and other stakeholders on 26 March 2014. The aim of the meeting was to have a presentation and discussion on NEFAB (North European Functional Airspace Block) Performance Plan for reference period 2 (2015-2019).

Turvallisen Ilmailun Tulevaisuus -seminaari 12.4.2014 Oulussa

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Hawkien paluumuutto vaikuttaa lentotoimintaan Jyväskylän seudulla

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