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Hendell Aviation Oy:lle EU-OPS AOC-toimilupa

This week Hendell Aviation Oy started operations in Europe flying PC12 aircraft. They are the first EU-OPS AOC holder in Europe to do so commercially. Not only is this a first for Europe but flying PC12 aircraft will offer a new pricing point in the business travel segment. Source More about this at FlighGlobal/Blogs ja …

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EASA:n alueellinen tiedotustilaisuus lentomiehistöjä ja lentotoimintaa koskevista säädöksistä

EASA and Trafi organized the regional OPS Workshop on 26th and 27th of Feb and this material is available for aviators.

Trafille vastine EASA-Yleisilmailun Lentoturvallisuusstrategiaa varten