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Sunny Nights Fly-in Pudasjärvi (EFPU) 28.6-1.7.2012

Sunny Nights Fly-in, Finland, Pudasjärvi (EFPU) 28.6-1.7.2012 Traditional fly-in at Pudasjärvi airfield during the midnight summer period just 200 kilometres from the Arctic Circle. The event will be organised with a modern way emphasizing local culture and tradition. More information from here!

Kysely APV-lähestymismenetelmästä

 GA survey on APV (SBAS) approaches   Good day all, Following on from the IAOPA EUR regional meeting in London, we agreed to distribute a survey from the European GNSS Agency (GSA) looking at the appetite, priorities and constraints for deployment of APV approaches in Europe (using EGNOS, similar to the WAAS approaches in the …

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Trafi on antanut määräyksen kansallisten ilma-alusten lentokelpoisuusvalvonnasta