No VFR into IMC with plan B

For more than 60 years, the AOPA Air Safety Institute has been producing free programs with the goal of helping all pilots fly safer. From groundbreaking online courses to popular live seminars and videos, ASI covers the spectrum of aviation safety education.

Marginal, gradually deteriorating weather can lure VFR pilots into instrument conditions. The AOPA Air Safety Institute’s new VFR into IMC safety syllabus tackles this dangerous situation and recommends escape procedures. Instructors are encouraged to use the new syllabus during flight reviews and aircraft checkouts.


The event is dedicated to the implementation of the recently published CAT SET-IMC regulation (Regulation (EU) 2017/363 of 01/03/2017) and the associated ED Decision 2017/004/R published on 09/03/2017. It will take place at the EASA premises in Cologne on 4 July 2017.

The aim is to hold an interactive workshop attended by representatives from aeroplane operators, aeroplane/engine manufacturers and National Aviation Authorities. The workshop will give the opportunity to exchange views with industry and NAA representatives across Europe.

The intent is to have industry and NAAs presenting practical implementation issues and to allow for a broad discussion. This will be an opportunity to raise any rule issues with EASA while the workshop also allows to share best practices across the industry.

The draft agenda will be published soon. The main topics of discussion will mostly focus on the following aspects:

  • Eligibility of aeroplanes
  • Crew composition and flight crew training
  • Operators’ procedures
    • Maintenance
    • Flight planning

In order to ensure a successful workshop, participants are kindly invited to propose specific topics of discussions to the Agency in advance. If you have any particular topic that you like to see being addressed or question to be answered, please contact us at air_ops(a) by 20 June 2017 at the latest. Please mention in the title “For the CAT SET-IMC workshop”. The topics or questions should be dedicated to the regulatory provisions indicated above. The workshop is not intended to provide explanations of the rules, but rather to discuss implementation issues.


If you are not a presenter, please note that registration must be performed through EASA webshop. An administrative fee of EUR 80 will be charged for the participation to the workshop. Registration will be open until 28 June 2017. The participation fee will cover the meeting room and catering costs. Participation is free of charge for presenters.

Online registration

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